“Three Ladies”

    Joanne, Lynn-Marie and Emma
    Three ladies of varying, but complementary skills!
    Lynn-Marie and Emma ensures the purchasing and commercial side of our collaboration. Joanne, the more turbulent and creative soul, does what she knows best, she is our cherished designer..

    “A Gentleman’s manor” 
    The edifice was built in 1864 by the architect Hendrik Beyaert in a typically neoclassical style.
    Being partly listed as architectural heritage, the manor and its garden inspire a blend of tranquility and elegance. A true heaven of peace in the heart of Kortrijk.
    This is where fashion, design and art convene.
    Besides the ‘Joanne Vanden Avenne’-collection and tailoring by appointment, our house offers a wide range of trendy accessories alongside jewelry, books, designer lamps, small furniture, exquisite glassware and gifts to suit all ages.
    A refined ever-changing selection of accessible products and high- end design pieces not to be found on just any street corner. Concept Vanden Avenne seeks to surprise and inspire.
    We strive to share our passion for innovation and outstanding customer service.